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What is cut knurling?
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What is cut knurling?

Cut knurling with sharp edged knurls, actually cuts the material like a milling tool. Cut knurl holders of the types K10 and K11 in the Knurltec range hold the knurls at an angle to the work piece, producing a very high quality knurl that closely retains the pre machined diameter. This method is particularly good and recommended for the knurling of nonferrous material such as brass and aluminum, as well as harder metals. Pressure knurling of brass and aluminum can cause the crests to become over worked and brittle which may cause them to break, cut knurling eliminates that possibility, and is highly recommended for a quality look and feel.

Cut knurling uses much less force than conventional pressure knurling putting less strain on the machine tool and making it more suitable for machining tubular parts.

Not suitable for knurling up to a shoulder due to the angular arrangement of the knurls.

Cut knurling is essential for machining plastics and cast iron, where pressure would impede material flow.




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