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Our forming type knurls are manufactured to extremely high standards from premium alloys. Most of our knurls are furnished with a lapped tooth form to give longer life and impart a smooth, clean surface to the knurled part. Both sides and the bore of the knurl are finish ground to maintain close tolerance on diameter and side runout. Our standard material is a high quality grade of High Speed steel which is vacuum hardened, and tempered at least 2 times to a hardness of about 63 Rockwell C.

For severe knurling operations, such as rolling on 303 stainless or semi-hardened steels, We also offer knurls in a super premium grade of high-cobalt steel. These knurls are slightly harder and in most applications deliver a substantial increase in tool life. Multiple coatings such as TiN and ferritic nitrocarburizing are also available if required. Our sales representatives will be happy to discuss any apect of your knurling application and make recomendations on maximizing tool life versus cost for any type of knurling operation.

In addition to the many stock knurling dies shown below, we can supply virtually any size and pitch special knurls with 1-2 week normal delivery for standard knurl tooth forms.



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